100% pure, premium Belgian chocolates: It’s about taste … and so much more!

Truly fine Belgian chocolates – we like to call them pralines – enchant on all levels. Gudrun Group’s signature chocolate recipes, available in dark, milk or white, are carefully selected for their ability to please all the senses: exquisitely balanced flavour, heady aroma, smooth texture, delicate crunch and lasting visual appeal, as our chocolates are highly resistant to unsightly fat bloom. But top-notch, finely tuned ingredients are only the beginning. Impeccable, state-of-the-art industrial processing is key to the sterling quality of our products.

More than 400 Recipes
With over 400 chocolate recipes in-house, only state-of-the-art production processes can do them justice. Our moulded and enrobed chocolates are always tested for taste, bite and – with moulded chocolates – for just the right amount of shine. Going a step further, our line of Frozen Frozenshell® chocolates are made with a revolutionary new technique: We briefly dip a freezing cold mould into a tempered chocolate bath. Magic happens when the two meet, resulting in a chocolate ‘cup’ with a high level of quality and consistently refined shape that can be maintained for a variety of thicknesses. This allows us to use more unique and differentiated fillings than is possible with standard moulding techniques. The result? A chocolate with added visual excitement and heightened taste!

Filled with Wonder
A beautiful shell is just the beginning. It’s what’s inside that counts: our custom fillings never contain artificial flavours or preservatives, and most of them are made right here in our own kitchen in Lier, Belgium. From the solid satisfaction of ganache, praliné and truffle to the liquid temptation of caramel, fresh jams and sweet liqueurs, we have the technology to add multiple filling layers per chocolate.

Couture Finish
As a finishing touch, Gudrun Group gives its chocolates added polish – call it couture if you will. Stripes are just one of our specialties. With a carefully controlled stream of tempered chocolate, we can make stripes singly or in groups, thick or thin, simple or swirled – even zebra stripes and lightning bolts are possible! For added panache, our moulded chocolates can literally be painted with coloured chocolate: our state-of-the art spraying techniques can render anything from delicate shading to bold designs. And if it’s sprinkles you’re after, almost anything goes. Coloured chocolate, nuts and fruit are only the beginning. Let your imagination run wild!

That’s a Wrap
Once our 100% premium Belgian chocolates have attained an impeccable degree of finish, we send them out into the world in a classic selection of bags, ballotins, giftboxes and many more.

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