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We create moments of pure indulgence for anyone to share & enjoy. What’s more, our chocolates are crafted with an eye towards sustainable growth, using responsibly sourced ingredients & efficient production methods to reduce waste. Indulgence with a clear conscience: the ultimate luxury.


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Jozef de Bruyn

Traditional craftmanship & refined recipes

Ambitious pastrycook Jozef de Bruyn sets up a confectioner’s shop in the historic Belgian town of Lier. His combination of traditional craftsmanship and refined recipes is an instant success.


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Let's go international!

After successfully automating production without sacrificing traditional ingredients and the premium quality for which Belgian chocolates are renowned, Gudrun decides to go international.

Belcomar was founded

Marketing organisation Belcomar is founded as a specialised distributor of Belgian chocolates (Caluwé Demandé) and flaked truffles (Gavarny). Belcomar is active in fourteen different countries.

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Becoming Gudrun Group

Gudrun merges with Belcomar to form a truly international enterprise, and in 2002 also acquires Chocolats du Monde. Ever keen to expand, Gudrun acquires Chocolaterie Van Lys in 2005. The new acquisitions significantly boost the export side of the business.

Hello high street pralines & premium brands!

Gudrun implements a new strategy by introducing high-street pralines to retailers and optimizing brands, channels, products & customers. New customers include major international retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Costco.

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Grand & miss Gavarny

Grand Belgian Specialities is styled as the modern version of a classic gentleman: premium quality is always correct for every occasion. Gavarny is revamped as the coquettish Miss Gavarny brand.

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Bellisimo! We aquired Chocolissimo

Gudrun acquires the high-end Chocolissimo brand. Extraordinary flavours, fanciful shapes, handcrafted chocolate bars & exotic taste sensations are the order of the day. Its premium quality & variety lend themselves to personalisation. It is Gudrun’s first true online brand, available to business partners and end consumers alike.




Gearing up for the digital future. Our tour guide Jim is guiding us through the factory. 

Our futureproof range

Launch of the vegan line. Young & adventurous, Grand Plant Based showcases the delicious side of vegan and gluten-free chocolates for increasingly health-conscious consumers, who also appreciate the 100% recyclable packaging.

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Gudrun is celebrating it’s 80th anniversary

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