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MISS Gavarny

Imagine a young Belgian countess, perhaps slightly spoiled: Miss Gavarny de Belgique is a creature of the highly sophisticated, refined aristocratic society of the 18th century. Inspired by the decadent lifestyle of her French cousine Marie-Antoinette, our Miss Gavarny has created her own romantic world centred on chocolate, indulgence & pleasure.

After discovering the occult arts of the master chocolatier, she devised a selection of her all-time favourites, Les délices: exquisitely crafted, premium Belgian chocolates of the finest quality. For her, they embody the thrill of discovery: what was once served only to drink can now be consumed as petits morceaux of all colours, shapes & sizes, from cocoa-encrusted truffles to enrobed pralines to multi-layered confections. Her insatiable appetite for novelty has met its match! Today, new combinations can be created for every season and any occasion you wish. Give in to fantasy…


Grand Belgian Specialties have been winning hearts and markets with 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolates for decades. Grand is a clean, masculine brand with broad upmarket appeal: a strong, silent retail partner whose immaculate presence speaks louder than words, and whose premium quality speaks volumes.

Like the consummate gentleman, Grand is right for every occasion, with a clear focus on sharing and celebrating each gifting moment with the perfectly selected chocolate item, always in tune with the decorum of the seasons: tweeds for autumn, seersucker for summer, black tie for cocktails and white tie for state occasions. Always considerate and reliable, yet always arriving with something new.

Speaking of new, have you made the acquaintance of Grand’s younger cousin? Meet Grand Plant Based, our selection of vegan & gluten-free chocolates. Indulge with a clear conscience and enjoy the ultimate luxury!

Grand plant based

Meet Gudrun’s innovative new vegan line, Grand Plant Based. Adventurous & urban(e), Grand Plant Based elevates the art of eating mindfully to the level of our finest premium Belgian chocolates.

Grand Plant Based vegan assortment introduces four new delicacies: cacao dusted truffles, flaked truffles, bolitas and an assortment of 5 pralines with different flavours, all made from sustainably sourced, 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolate and brought to you in 100% recyclable packaging to keep it fresh. Vegan, gluten- and virtually waste-free. So go ahead: indulge with a clear conscience and enjoy the ultimate luxury!

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