A young Belgian countess – perhaps slightly spoiled – Miss Gavarny de Belgique lived in the highly sophisticated and refined aristocratic society of the 18th century. Inspired by the decadent lifestyle of her French cousine Marie-Antoinette, our Miss Gavarny created her own romantic world centred on chocolate, indulgence and pleasure.

After discovering the occult arts of the master chocolatier, she created a selection of her all-time favourites – Les délices – exquisitely crafted, premium Belgian chocolates of the finest quality. For her, they embodied the thrill of discovery – what was once served only as a beverage could now be consumed as petits morceaux of all colours, shapes and sizes, from coco-encrusted truffles to enrobed pralines to layered confections. Her insatiable appetite for novelty had finally met its match! Today, new combinations can be devised for every season – for every occasion, a new fantasy…

The thrill of discovery lives on!

Ever since Mr. Helssen fell in love with the cocoa import business of his forefathers, there’s been no looking back. Grand Belgian Specialties have been winning hearts and markets with 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolates ever since. Grand is a clean, masculine brand with broad upmarket appeal – a strong, silent retail partner whose immaculate presence speaks louder than words, and whose premium quality speaks volumes.

Like the consummate gentleman, Grand is right for every occasion, with a clear focus on celebrating each gifting moment with the perfectly executed chocolate item, always observing the decorum of the seasons – donning tweeds for autumn, seersucker for summer, black tie for cocktails and white tie for state occasions. Always reliable yet always arriving with something new,

Grand Belgian is tradition with a twist that makes the difference.

The Chocolissimo world is the world of the most exquisite flavours, unique compositions and memorable sensations. It comprises well-chosen collections of our best and most interesting products. Handmade pralines, chocolate figurines, hand crafted chocolate bars, drinking chocolate in various forms, truffles and fruits in chocolate, are only part of our portfolio. We also do our best to create packages that are in perfect harmony with their contents. When want to display our emotions on them, to show the lands that we traverse, to demonstrate our point of view on chocolate and to invite everyone to join our journey.

For the lovers of classical tastes, we offer chocolate that is created in accordance with the oldest traditions. For people searching for the new, we create trends and experiment with flavours. We want the end result of our actions to be unique– tasteful, beautifully packaged and full of memorable sensations.

What form of chocolate is your favourite?

Created in 2007, “Zaabär” is an innovative concept which brings together the sweetness of Belgian chocolate and spices coming from all over the world.

The name Zaabär was inspired by the Spices Bazaar of Istanbul, a city known for it’s blend of cultures, flavors and colors. Zaabär’s chocolates invites you to travel through the enriching sources of tastes and emotions from around the globe…

Taste the world with Zaabär!

Looking to make a little chocolate magic of your own?

Create your own enchanted world of premium Belgian chocolates! Compile a tailor-made assortment based on our existing product range – or contact one of our experienced agents to develop bespoke private label Belgian chocolates that reflect the character and values of your company or brand.

Your Chocolates… We take it personally.

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