We use
the unused.

It only takes unsed ingredients
and creativity to craft more
unforgettable possibilities.
That is the simple equation
at the heart of everything we do.

is coming soon...

Belgian chocolate group Gudrun wins silver at leading trade fair ISM Cologne with cacaofruit bites

Private label chocolate

Creating your own chocolate brand was never easier

We bring your wildest creations to life using premium Belgian chocolate.

We create premium Belgian pralines and truffles

As a world leading chocolate manufacturer, you can count on our maître chocolatier to bring your ideas to life. We design, produce and package your chocolate ideas. You can create your own custom chocolate private label just the way you want it. Our chocolate production lines are flexible and can handle more than 400 recipes.

Our private label chocolate brands

We are the proud chocolate manufacturers of these Belgian pralines and truffles. Want to distribute them? Just drop us a line. Or why not start your own private label chocolate brand?

Curious about
the lady
of the house?

the Belgian



Our expertise and production capacity

Your wildest private label ideas will come to life before you know it. We can help you with chocolate manufacturing at scale.

Are you experienced with private labels? Let’s get straight to the point. You can download our plant’s tech sheet below.

New to creating a private label chocolate brand? Exciting! Our maître chocolatier already mapped out the steps to follow.


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