400 recipes … and counting

One of the advantages of our streamlined, state-of-the-art production processes is that we can efficiently juggle over 400 original chocolate recipes while minimizing waste. Take our classic moulded chocolates or revolutionary FrozenshellÒ chocolates, in which freezing cold mould is briefly dipped in a tempered chocolate bath. Both techniques create a crisp, consistently refined shape using exactly the right amount of chocolate. Not only does this help us keep waste to a minimum, it also allows us to use more unique fillings than most standard moulded chocolates can handle.
Our firmer fillings like ganache and truffle benefit from skilful enrobing: only the finest layer of chocolate remains after the centre has been dipped or coated in molten chocolate & cooled to perfection for a proper finish that can be embellished with dried raspberry or sugar crystals, delicate flakes, extra premium cacao…. Of course, our moulded and enrobed chocolates are always tested for exquisite taste, perfect bite & just the right amount of shine.

It’s what’s inside

That’s what really counts. Our custom fillings, most of which are made right here in our kitchens in Lier, Belgium, never contain artificial flavours, preservatives, HVOs or GMOs. We source our special ingredients sustainably whenever possible, so you can indulge in our ganache, praliné, truffle, jam or caramel pralines with a clear conscience. Want to enjoy more than one flavour with every bite? We have the technology: our multi-layered pralines are good to go.

Show your stripes & more

Did you know that stripes are one of our specialties? With a carefully controlled stream of tempered chocolate, we can add stripes any way you want: singly or in groups, thick or thin, simple or swirly … even zebra stripes or lightning bolts. Our high-tech spraying techniques could put a graffiti artist to shame. And if it’s sprinkles you’re after, we have coloured chocolate, nuts, fruits, flakes … anything goes!

It’s more than just a wrap

Gudrun’s sustainable packaging philosophy aims at reducing waste as well as sending your delicious chocolates out into the world in beautifully designed bags, ballotins, gift boxes & wrappings. Whenever possible they’re made from recycled materials or 100% recyclable, ready to re-join the circular economy once you’ve enjoyed what’s inside.

New vegan line!

Be sure to check out our newest praline assortment: Grand Plant Based presents a collection of 5 differently flavoured pralines inspired by our exquisite classics, but without the dairy, gluten or soy. Indulge guilt free & enjoy the ultimate luxury!