100% Belgian, 100% pure & sustainably sourced

Our premium, 100% pure Belgian chocolates are made from 100% cocoa butter. No artificial colours or flavours, ever. No HVOs. And no GMOs either. We meet or exceed industry standards, working hard to ensure that our ingredients are sourced sustainably and responsibly. Be sure to try our new vegan line, Grand Plant Based. Indulge with a clear conscience and enjoy the ultimate luxury!

Original, trend-driven solutions

Innovation is the air we live & breathe. Whatever it is you need, Gudrun is ready to make it happen: Ruby truffles? Reclaimed gold sprinkles? Delicious vegan and gluten-free chocolates? Attractive biodegradable packaging? Our state-of-the-art chocolate research & development lab is on hand to source the stuff of your wildest dreams and translate it into private label chocolates or special occasional items.

Lasting relationships

Your business is unique. That’s why we work with dedicated agents in every region we serve, trained project managers who know your business are ready to help it grow and evolve with chocolate solutions that meet your specific needs. From our agents in the field to sales & marketing, production, R&D and logistics, Gudrun can guide you every step of the way in developing that special occasional item or new private label chocolates. We take it personally!

Responsive, fast & flexible

At our state-of-the art, BRC-approved manufacturing facilities in Belgium, we are quick to respond to our customers’ changing needs and evolving trends. Do you need a new flavour, faster delivery, or a new packaging concept? You can count on Gudrun to help you with any request. And with our flexible, experienced logistics networks in Europe, North America & Asia, Gudrun can ship your chocolates from Belgium to anywhere in the world.

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