100% Belgian, 100% pure
That Belgian heritage – and the experience of working with some of the most demanding retailers and agents in the world – means a great deal to us, and is reflected in the ingredients we still use today. Our passion for Belgian chocolates translates into an exacting list of requirements that meets or exceeds industry standards. Belgian chocolates made from 100% cocoa butter. No artificial colours or flavours, ever. No HVOs. And no GMOs either. That’s how we uphold the value of tradition – and help to ensure that the planet continues to provide us with top quality cacao. In an age when transparency and purity are dear to consumer hearts, it’s also our way of supporting the integrity of your company or brand.

Our dedicated chocolate research & development lab follows the latest developments in gourmet flavours, food trends and production techniques. Beans from an organic plantation run exclusively by women in Madagascar? Ceremonial grade matcha? Red Savina habaneros? Gold-leaf truffle flakes? A bite-sized chocolate version of Waldorf Astoria’s red velvet cake? We source the ingredients that give chocolate an edge and translate them into industrial scale processes subject to stringent international production norms, making Gudrun Group the ideal partner for developing tailor-made or private label chocolates that express your brand’s unique character and values.

We believe in lasting relationships. That’s why Gudrun Group works exclusively with dedicated agents in every region it serves: men and women whose understanding of your brand or company is rooted in experience, who stay abreast of how your business grows and evolves – and how our chocolate can play a constructive role in that process. Moreover, our representatives are trained project managers who can help you every step of the way in developing that special occasional item or private label chocolate.

Translating your retail vision into chocolates in our dedicated research lab is just the first step. To make it a reality we employ the latest manufacturing technology: tempering, enrobing, aeration, cold pressing, mould heating, spray systems, multiple extrusion – you name it! With an extensive international network of resources – from our own state-of-the art, BRC-approved manufacturing facilities in Belgium to our geographically distributed partners in packaging, distribution, shipping and transport – Gudrun Group is fast to market and inherently flexible, the ideal business and production partner for international retailers looking for agile category management on a global scale. From Northern Europe to North America and Asia, we’ve got your chocolate network covered.

Gudrun Group maintains a carefully curated selection of fancy brands, each with its own distinct identity and voice – from the mature, sophisticated Gudrun to the romantic Miss Gavarny and the broad, upmarket appeal of Grand. Each evolving brand experience generates a host of seasonal product possibilities, which in turn translates into the potential for more frequent purchasing moments. Interested in developing a world of chocolate all your own? Gudrun Group is ready to assist! Our agents are trained project managers who can lead you step by step through the process of creating a bespoke private label or special occasional item that reflects the content and values of your brand’s unique vision.

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